Combustion Controls

Burners, Valve Trains, Solenoid Valves, Manual Reset and Motorized Safety Shutoff Valves,

Flow and Pressure Transmitters and Switches, Flame Monitoring and Flame Safety Hardware,

All components meet applicable requirements of FM, IRI, NFPA, NEC, IEC, CE, UL

Process Controls

Relay or PLC Control, Distributed IO, Operator HMI, Sensors and Actuators,

Thermocouples, Pyrometers, Digital Temperature Controllers, High limit Controllers

Heating Elements and Panels, SSR's, Complete Control Panels,

Material Handling Systems for Loading and Unloading of Furnaces and Ovens

All meet applicable requirements of UL, NEC, CE

Insulation and Refractories

Ceramic Fiber Blanket and Modules, High Temperature Gaskets, Castables,

Insulating Firebrick, Custom Castings, Pipe Insulation, Duct Lining

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