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Sensible Heat Systems LLC offers products and services for industrial processing and manufacturing companies, with a specialty in developing and executing solutions for thermal processes. A list of industries served includes:

Lead Smelting, Metal Heat Treating, Coal Processing, Powder Coating Paint Curing

Aluminum Casting, Aluminum Extruding Gray Metal Casting, Ceramic Firing, Cremation

Carbon Baking, Graphitizing, Architectural Brick Mold Cleaning, Steel Foundry

These processes require a wide range of equipment types. Some examples of equipment Designed, Built and or Serviced include:

Car Bottom Furnaces, Quench & Temper Furnaces, Rotary Calciners, Salt Baths

Aluminum Homogenizers, Special Atmosphere Furnaces, Thermal Oxidizers, Tunnel Kilns

Tilt Top Furnaces, Rotary Hearth Furnaces, Roller Hearth Furnaces, Melter / Holders

Cleaning Ovens, Lab Ovens / Furnaces, Powder Coat Ovens, Induction Heaters, Pit Furnaces

Sensible Heat Systems offers all aspects of Design / Build of new equipment or services on existing equipment. Areas of engineering experience in previous projects include:

Mechanical Systems, Combustion Systems, Electrical Controls, Heat Flow Design, Refractory Linings

Fluid Flow Control, PLC Controls and Programming, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, System Integration

Redesign of Used Equipment for a New Task, Commissioning of New or Used Equipment at a New Location

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